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Wondering how to repost on Instagram? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. One of the common features of social media is allowing other’s content on your feed. On Facebook, there is a share button. On twitter, there is the retweet option.

But when it comes to Instagram, there is no direct way to repost someone’s else post on your Instagram feed. So the question is how to repost on Instagram?

Well in this article, I am going to talk about 2 different ways that you can use to repost on Instagram. But wait, there is a bit of information that you will need before you go ahead. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Do I need permission to repost on Instagram?

Well, before you repost anyone’s post on your Instagram feed, you will need permission, Yes you read that right. According to Instagram’s Community Guidelines, the best way to share content is not to violate any copyright law. And you should only post original content.

However, the good thing is that Instagram also says that you might be able to use someone else content if you have permission. Also, they mention to get the permission in writing.

This means you can simply ask the other person if you can repost the content on your Instagram feed or not. For this, you can simply comment below the post. Or you can send a direct message to the other person and ask if you can share the content on your page or not.

If you get permission you are good to go. Else the other person can actually get into legal trouble for posting content on your Instagram page without permission.

How to repost on Instagram?

Use Repost For Instagram:

1. Download Repost for Instagram

First of all, you will need to download Repost fro Instagram for your Android or iOS devices. Both devices are compatible with this App and allow you to repost on Instagram. You can download the App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store free of cost to get started.

2. Identify a photo or video to repost

Next, you will have to look for the photo that you would like to repost. For this, simply launch the Instagram app and then find the photo or video app that you would like to repost from your Instagram page. Simply open the photo page.

3. Copy the post’s share URL to your clipboard

After that, you will need to copy the post’s share URL. Once you are on the photo page, you will need to tap on the three dots icon from the upper right corner of the photo. Then tap on the “Copy Share URL” button, and you are all done.

4. Open Repost for Instagram

Now you will need to open Repost for the Instagram app, and you will find that the photo which links you have copied is already on the App’s homepage.

Next, you will have to tap on the arrow from the right hand side of the post. Next, you will be able to edit the photo. Like how you want to post the photo to on your Instagram feed.

Finally, tap on the Repost button and then tap on Copy To Instagram, where you will find all the folders and edit the post further.

5. Edit the post’s caption and share your Repost

After that tap on the Next button and then you will find the post caption option. Over here, you will be able to add your own caption if you wish to. Or you can simply press and tap on the press, and the original caption will appear with a citation that credits the original poster with your reposted photo.

Finally, when you are ready to share the post, simply tap on the Share button just like you do it on the regular Instagram post. And it will be posted on your Instagram feed.

How to Repost on Instagram (manually)?

Apart from the app, you can also repost on Instagram manually. As there are quite a lot of reposting apps available out there, which adds a watermark to your repost. And in case if you do not want that, then reposting it manually is the best idea you can go for.

So to repost on Instagram manually, you will have to follow 4 simple steps. And these steps are the:

1. Screenshot a photo

First of all, you will need to take a screenshot of the app. So simply open up the photo on your Instagram and take a screenshot of it.

2. Select the camera button on Instagram and upload your screenshot

After that, click on the plus icon from the Instagram app and select that photo that you would like to share.

3. Resize the image

Now you will need to resize the image. Thanks to the inbuilt editing tools on the app. Resizing an image is not a hard task as it seems. Simply corp out everything from your image that you do not want to share. Like the username name of the poster, the caption, and other things. Once done, hit the next button.

4. Add a caption

Finally, you will need to add a caption that you would like to share. Or you can simply copy the original poster caption. Also, do not forget to mention the original poster.

Final Words:

how to repost on instagram So that was the answer to your how to repost on Instagram question. So go ahead and check both of these methods and see which one is working the best for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below.

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