How to get verified on Instagram

Wondering how to get verified on Instagram? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Almost everyone wants to get verified on Instagram. Because it is one of the coolest things out there.

Individuals want to get verified on Instagram to get validation, and brands want to get verified on Instagram to establish trust between their customers.

However, no one really knows how to get verified on Instagram. And in case if this is the case with you, then let me just talk about all the steps that you have to follow to get verified on Instagram. So here we go:

How to get verified on Instagram?

Verifying an Instagram account is very simple. Since all you have to do is request Instagram for a verification.

However, before you do so, you will need to login to your Instagram account, which you want to verify. For example, if you want to get your company page verified, then do not use your personal Account by any accident.

Anyway, once you are done login to your Account, you can go ahead and follow these steps:

1.      First of all, go to your Instagram profile by simply tapping on the icon with your profile picture from the bottom corner of the app.

2.      Next, you will have to tap on the menu icon from the top right corner of your profile.

3.      Then select the settings icon which you will find at the bottom right of the screen.

4.      After that, you have to select Account from the settings menu.

5.      Now you will need to scroll down through the account settings page, and you will find the Request verification page. Simply tap on it.

6.      Next, you will find a form with your account name pre-filled. Over here, you will need to enter your full name or your business name.

7.      Then, you will need to choose a file to attach your ID. For a person, you can attach your driver’s license, passport, or national identification card. And for business, you will need to use any of the official business documents such as tax filing, article of incorporation, or a recent electric bill.

8.      Also, you can use your smartphone camera to click a photo. Or you can upload a photo from your device.

9.      In the end, simply tap on the blue send button from the bottom of the screen. And a verification request will be sent to Instagram.

What happens now after your account gets verified?

After you send your Instagram verification request, do not just assume that you are going to get your account verified by them.

Your request will go to the individual moderators at Instagram, who will review your account and decide whether your account should be approved for an Instagram badge or not. Also, this is a pretty lengthy process, and it will take several weeks. And if you are not getting any replies from them for quite a long time. Then it is a good sign.

Once, Instagram makes their decision, and you will receive a notification in the app telling you whether your account will get the Instagram badge or not.

However, in case if your Instagram verification request gets denied, you can reapply for it after 30 days, and you are good to go.


Tips for getting verified on Instagram

Well, Instagram is now more transparent about which accounts can get a verification badge. Also, they have their own standards and requirements for getting your Facebook page verified on Instagram. However, in case if you are wondering what these rules are, then here is an overview:

Follow the rules:

One of the first things that you need to do is follow the rules. If Instagram’s moderators feel that you are not following their terms of use and community guidelines. Then you are obviously not going to get a verification badge. So I would suggest you to go through Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines

Be real:

You should be real on your Instagram page. Your account must represent a real person or a business or an established organization. So make sure to avoid posting memes, just random photos. And the post should be focused on you or your business.

Be notable:

One thing that you need to know is that random people can’t just get the blue Instagram badge by asking for it. You or your business needs to be something popular, it should be featured in multiple news sources. Or you or your business should highly search and should be well known to the general public. Also, being featured in sponsored content will not help you at all.

Only request verification for one account:

You can get verification for only one page. For example, if you have multiple accounts on Instagram does not mean you are going to have multiple accounts verified. Instead, you can only verify one account that represents you or your business. However, there is an exception for business. For example, if you are running your business in multiple countries, then you can have your different accounts verified.

Finish setting up your profile:

You will not be able to get a verified Instagram account if your profile is incomplete. So make sure that your account has a bio, a profile picture, and at least one post.

Be public:

Make sure to make your account public. As Instagram does not verify the private accounts.

Don’t link to other social networks:

Also, you should not link to other social networks. If your profile contains links to follow your accounts on other social media accounts. Your request will get rejected.

Don’t lie:

Finally, you should not lie or provide “false or misleading information” when applying for verification. If Instagram gets to know that you have submitted the wrong information, your account request will get rejected. Also, in case if you have already got a badge and Instagram smells something wrong. Your badge will get removed by them.

Why getting verified on Instagram is worth it?

For many people, getting verified is a cool thing. It gives you a unique presence on the platform and makes you feel important. However, these are not just the only reasons why getting verified on Instagram is worth it.

Actually, there are three main reasons why you should get your Instagram account verified, and these reasons are the:

You prevent copycats:

One of the common things on Instagram is that you will find a lot of fake accounts. And if you are really some celebrity, then you will also find a bunch of fake accounts of yours. However, a blue badge helps others to figure out that your account is real, and they should avoid all the copycats who are using your name and photos to gain followers.

You prove that you’re important:

Another cool part of getting verified on Instagram is that you get to prove that you are important and newsworthy. It allows others to get to know you more and create a fan base among people who are not even sure who you are.

It’s great for Instagram SEO:

In the end, it is great for Instagram SEO. In case if you want to rank your Instagram account at the top of the search results. Then getting a blue badge on your account is a must step. Since verified accounts always ranks above than the non verified pages.

Final Words:

So that was all for your question on how to get verified on Instagram. There is no doubt getting verified on Instagram is extremely important. So go ahead and check the steps out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.

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